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Omnidek is a digital workspace that adapts to YOUR needs. 


  • An Intranet Portal that can be used to create a digital platform that will enhance and automate internal processes and provide community collaboration with your business associates 

  • Has a zero code form builder that allows your existing team members to create web and mobile forms for gathering valuable business data and distributing that data both internally and externally for collaboration, and/or approval in real time. 

  • Connect Omnidek business portals for cross company work processes and collaboration. 

  • Provides data analysis with its built-in Insights tool, or with integrations to external tools like Power BI to provide robust reporting and distribution, and dashboards 

  • Reduce the number of business apps and SaaS cost by 50% 

  • Can cut out 70% of your email using business chat for internal and external business associates 

  • Reduce the time and cost of implementing new work processes by 90% 

  • Reduce your tech cost per employee by 25% 


As an Omnidek dealer, Jorco can create custom paperless data/image workflow automation for just about any manual, paper-based workflow process.  We can train you how to use the no-code designers or provide services to develop your Omnidek-based workflows. 


Many times a business needs an outsider, who has industry knowledge, to come in an assess the technology and management systems that have been implemented. We see technology purchased to achieve a mission-critical objective and the company never moves beyond that process.   


In one of my past engagements, I would perform surveys for the software company I worked for.  The customers purchased the software to improve their accounts payable processes and go paperless, but never stopped filing the paper.  Further, the software had organically grown its features from a large install base, so many of the issues that stopped them from getting rid of the paper had already been resolved and replaced with paperless processes superior to those of the paper (i.e. routing, invoice payment approval, reporting and pulling supporting documents) 


Jorco provides custom tailored business operations consulting that will: 


  • Leverage existing technology to achieve full operational potential 

  • Create workflows and operational processes to address the virtual needs of a business 

  • Design and develop paperless workflow solutions

  • Silo resolution consulting 

  • Software evaluation and selection 

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