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Automating the Work Order Process

Many solutions today have service management modules that will allow you to create a workorder, manage assets, dispatch techs, finalize and bill workorders and maintain history for reporting. However, most are very structured and you have to adapt your process to their features and functionality. With Omnidek, you can create your own forms, processes, integration, collaboration, and billing without creating any code. Below is a case study of one such system that we implemented with Omnidek.

Story construction (we won't use the real name) was using MS Sharepoint and a variety of MS products to handle the workflow of their work orders. They also used a popular time capture solution to update the work orders for labor. Their specific requirements had them presenting the client supervisor with a daily workorder which included time, material, equipment, and daily production information for approval and signature before it could be billed. This was a very tedious job because of the various applications they used to collect the data, and the double entry required to generate the forms for the client supervisor.

With Omnidek, we created work order form that met the specifications of the client and integrated with the various applications that we needed to pull information from. Time entry was a clock in/out with GPS fencing information which was sent to the Omnidek work order automatically. Material was pulled from the job site inventory tables stored in Omnidek and entered on the work ticket (When materials needed to be purchased, we incorporated a field PO form which routed to PM for approval and automatically was stored in the ERP system to be match to receiving tickets and the invoice). We built in an equipment section which not only managed the maintenance and logistics of the equipment, but the time used on the job. We added the daily log information and the production information to the work order form, as well.

Once a work order was completed for the day, it automatically routed to the PM for approval, then to the client supervisor. The client supervisor came into the portal which was configured for that client and approved the work order from his phone or laptop. If there was any issue, Omnidek was able to handle the collaboration with chat functionality build in. Omnidek's powerful form designer, allowed us to manage the information that was presented to the client supervisor so that we could incorporate internal information on the same work order.

At the end of the week, we created an invoice that was sent to the client for all the work orders. We eliminated the need to submit the backup because of the daily approval and the portal's ability to allow controlled client access to the work orders.

In conclusion, since Omnidek is a database solution, stategic "Insight" workorder reports could be created automatically and routed to key people daily giving status, production, and other information pertinent to the job. Also, since the outside folks to the organization can access Omnidek through the portal for free…it was very cost effective.

If you think that your company could benefit from an Omnidek based work order solution, or any other application, call Steve Jordan, at Jorco Consultants to discuss. (225) 276-7007 or email,

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