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Omnidek Can Give You The Cloud: without changing software!

Want to take advantage of the cloud without having to change your current software? With Omnidek's integrated, "No-Code" Portal platform, you can provide the same cloud - based workflow functionality to your company and business partners without having to change software. That's right, from your mobile devices to the ERP, Omnidek can automate just about any work process and seamlessly integrated with your existing systems. Expense reports, work orders, timesheets, you name it we can probably do it. At an affordable price, too!

There is no need to rush into changing out your ERP system. Test the waters. With Omnidek's "no-code", portal design, you can develop and test workflow strategies to insure field acceptance and integration. Then, if you decide to switch ERP, we will integrate with those solutions so there is no wasted effort.

Omnidek has already provided solutions for many workflow task. Here are a few:

  • Integrated Time Capture with Work Order Billing - We integrated About Time's time capture software with Omnidek to pull daily punches and calculate hours, per diem, and equipment usage. This information updated a daily workorder which the supervisor reviewed before sending it to the portal to be approved by the on-site manager of client. Once approved, the WO was sent to billing and integrated with their ERP (SAGE) to electronically send the invoice and manage the accounts receivable. Our client benefited by eliminating the errors on billing which held up payment, reduced the EFT requirements of processing WO's by over 70% , and provided daily "insight" to various metrics captured by the WO.

  • Vendor Portal for Payment Applications and Invoices - We created an Omnidek Portal and invited the vendors to submit their invoices. The invoices came into the portal, routed to the appropriate folks for approval and coding, then uploaded to their ERP accounts payable module. The vendors enjoyed the convenience and collaboration with our client to insure acceptance and payment, and could review the status at any time through the portal.

  • The Procore Alternative - Cloud based project management is fast becoming the accepted method of managing projects in the construction and service industries. Unfortunately, the price is unattainable for most construction companies and those products are geared to general construction. For everyone else, Omnidek has the solution. We can provide ALL job related forms, Mobile functionality, automatic integration with ERP solutions, cloud based collaboration, task management, and dashboarding. Also, we provide the add-on components like time capture, change order processing, production capture and vendor billing to name a few. And the cost…well, that is the best part.

  • Expense and Credit Card Management - By now most companies have found that managing expense and credit cards with automation just makes sense. Not only does it streamline the cost (70%) of processing, but also provides a multitude of other advantages like time and material billing support, more timely capture of cost for reporting and metrics, and much better control over purchases. Omnidek can be setup to manage these transactions and processes, for a lot less cost than the products available today. Also, with our advanced integration, we can provide much better costing options, routing, and reconciliation.

  • Purchasing and Change Orders - Giving the field the ability to request material or service, or process change orders can increase your efficiency ten-fold. With Omnidek's "no code" design, these work processes can be designed, developed, integrated, and implemented without much effort.

While this list is not at all complete, you can see that Omnidek is quite flexible and affordable. Let me know if you are interested in "moving to the cloud" with some of your processes.

Steve Jordan

Jorco Consultants

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